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Locking Myself in a Bathroom

Actually, I’ve never locked myself in a bathroom, but it is a phrase that is synonymous with regrets (at least the two are linked in my pretty little head).  And that’s what this engtech-inspired post is – a dedicated list of five of my regrets.

1.  Punching Robert for no other reason than I was fourteen, female, and passing him in the hallway of my mom’s house.

2.  Flying out to Colorado to have sex with my boss’s son.

3.  Cheating numerous times on my high school boyfriend after we had graduated high school.

4.  Requesting that Katherine have the bookstore open that ill-fated Wednesday in January.

5.  Procrastinating on so many things and being hypocritical when others do it.

But regrets make me who I am and so I no longer see the need to bury them under my childhood fancies in the closet.



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